Hi, I’m James and I currently work for a local authority in Scotland doing infrastructure support. I mainly work with VMware, especially vSphere and Horizon View, as well as supporting Microsoft Servers and some Linux. I have a passion for PowerShell, which I’ve been using for the last 9 years. It was this that started my journey in automation within the datacentre. If a task takes more that a coupe of clicks then I try automate it.

I created this blog, like so many others in this industry, as a way to document anything interesting or useful I happen to come across in my day to day job, attending tech meet-ups or just mucking about in my home lab.

Over the years I relied heavily on blogs and forums within the various communities as a source of information and I feel passionate that you should always try and give something back and blogging in one way to achieve that. So I’m hoping others will find some of this stuff useful.

N.B This is my second attempt at starting my blog. Thanks Godaddy, for deleting all my work 🙁